3 bidders for the construction work of Ganga Expressway



Adani Enterprises, Ashoka Buildcon and IRB Infrastructure Developers are the 3 firms that have bid to develop this 594 km Ganga Expressway Connecting Meerut and Prayagraj on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mode on Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer (DBFOT) basis.

This six-lane access-controlled expressway by Uttar Pradesh Expressway Industrial Development Authority (UPEIDA) will have 120m ROW (right of way) and is designed to be expanded to 8 lanes in future. can have more design details seen here,


Expressway will be connected at Meerut-end Upcoming Phase 5 of Delhi-Meerut Expressway, In that phase the construction of 14.60 km Jainuddinpur to Zahidpur connector is envisaged and APS Hydro emerged as its lowest bidder earlier this month. The expressway at the eastern end will terminate at Prayagraj bypass.

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Alignment of Ganga Expressway – Via UPEIDA

A better map showing a list of all planned interchanges, airstrips, bridges and flyovers could be seen here ,Hat-tip to follower Kanishk,


Phase 1 of Ganga Expressway has been divided into 4 sections for development, with each segment comprising of 3 civic packages. In the second phase, the expressway will be extended by 110 km to Tigri on the Uttar Pradesh/Uttarakhand border and 314 km to Ballia near Varanasi. The Detailed Project Report (DPR) has not been finalized.

UPIDA Invited RFQ Application With a deadline of 3 years in March 2021. The original route maps displayed below are straight from the tender document and give a rough idea of ​​the alignment of the expressway.


The technical bids were opened by UPEIDA, which shows that they received a total of 12 bids from Adani, Ashok and IRB – one for each group.

group 1

  • Length: 129.700 km
  • Estimated Project Cost: 5039.85

scope: KM from Meerut to Prayagraj. KM from 7+900 137+600 in the State of Uttar Pradesh on DBFOT (Toll) basis (Total Design Length – 129.700 km)


Citizen Package 1-3 in Group 1 includes:

package 1: Village Bijoli (District Meerut) to Village Chandner (District Hapur)49.000 km
package 2: Village Chandner (District Hapur) to Village Mirzapur Dugar (District Amroha)30,000 km
package 3: Mirzapur Dugar (District Amroha) to Village Nagla Barah/Jarenda (District Budaun)50.700 km
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Group 1 passage through the tender documents of UPEIDA

group 2

  • Length: 151.700 km
  • Estimated Project Cost: Rupee. 5647.71 crore

scope: KM from Meerut to Prayagraj. 137+600 to KM 289+300 (Total Design Length-151.700 km) in the State of Uttar Pradesh on DBFOT (Toll) basis


Citizen Package 4-6 in Group 2 includes:

package 4: Village Nagla Barah/Jarenda (District Budaun) to Village Binawar (District Budaun)52.100 km
package 5: Binawar (District Budaun) to Girdharpur (District Shahjahanpur)46.700 km
package 6: Village Girdharpur (District Shahjahanpur) to Village-Ubariya Khurd (District Hardoi)52.900 km
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Group 2 passage through the tender documents of UPEIDA

group 3

  • Length: 155.700 km
  • Estimated Project Cost: 5810.99 km

scope: KM from Meerut to Prayagraj. 289+300 to KM 445+000 in the State of Uttar Pradesh on DBFOT (Toll) basis (Total Design Length – 155.700 km)


Group 3 includes civilian packages 7-8

package 7: Village Ubariya Khurd (District Hardoi) to Village-Iksai (District Hardoi)52.400 km
package 8: Village Iksai (District Hardoi) to Village Raiyamau (District Unnao)50.200 km
package 9: Village Raiyamau (District Unnao) to Village Sarso (District Unnao)53.100 km
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Group 3 passage through the tender documents of UPEIDA

group 4

  • Length: 156.947 km
  • Estimated Project Cost: Rupee. 5626.46 crore

scope: KM from Meerut to Prayagraj. KM from 445+000. 601+847 (Total Design Length 156.847 kms) on DBFOT (Toll) basis in the State of Uttar Pradesh


Group 4 Civil Packages 10-12 include:

package 10: Village Sarso (District Unnao) to Village Terukha (District Raebareli)51.800 km
package 1 1: Village Terukha (District Raebareli) to Village Naudhiya (District Pratapgarh)52,000 km
package 12: Village Naudhiya (District Pratapgarh) to Village-Judapur Dando (District Prayagraj)53.047 km
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Group 4 passage through the tender documents of UPEIDA

All other under-construction expressways in Uttar Pradesh are currently being developed on Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) mode. It also includes:


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