Afcons awarded DC-05 contract for Delhi Metro Magenta Line



One more down! Afcons Infrastructure on Friday received Rs. 2481.50 crore contract by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) for construction of package DC05 of 28.92 km Janakpuri West-RK Ashram extension of Magenta Line.

This 7.46 km underground section is north of Derawal Nagar with RK Ashram via 6 stations Derawal Nagar, Ghanta Ghar, Pulbangash (interchange with Red Line), Sadar Bazar, Nabi Karim and Ramakrishna Ashram Marg (interchange with Blue Line). ) adds.


DMRC invited tenders for this contract 65.1 km Delhi Metro Phase 4 Project by JICA in June 2021 with a deadline of 42 months. financed through Rs 8,390 crore loan,

technical bid opened Financial bids were opened in September to reveal 4 bidders and in November with DC-07 and DC-08 to reveal Afcons as the lowest bidder – View All Bid Values ​​Here,

  • final contract price: INR 2404,99,99,990.71 + Euro 85,79,782 (approx. Rs. 2481,50,59,151.65)
  • Contract Date (Proceeding Notice): January 24, 2022
  • closing period: 42 months
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short range: Design and Construction of Twin Tunnel by Shield TBM, Tunnel by Cut and Cover, Underground Ramp at Derawal Nagar and Six Underground Stations viz. Derawal Nagar, Ghanta Ghar, Pulbangash, Sadar Bazar, Nabi Karim and Ramakrishna Ashram Marg including Architectural Finishing, Water Supply, Sanitary Installation, Drainage Works of Stations of Phase-IV of Janakpuri West to RK Ashram Corridor (Line-8 Extension) . Delhi MRTS.

DelhiMetroDC05Map Kolkata Metro
Alignment of Package DC-05 of Delhi Metro Magenta Line – Step 4 View Route Map with exact locations of all stations

This is the fourth and final civic package of the 28.92 km Janakpuri West-RK Ashram extension of Magenta Line. Other packages 12.375 kms. Huh DC-01, 7.473 km DC-03R, 2.03 km Underground DC-06 – All are under construction.


As shared earlier:

  • Afcons have to use at least 4 Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM).
  • Ismail Khan Park in front of Gurdwara Nanak Piao Sahib will have a 168 meter ramp and a compartment for Derawal Nagar station.
  • The line curves around GT Road between Derawal Nagar and Ghanta Ghar to avoid Tripolia Gate (the 2 historic gates smack-dub on the highway).
  • Architectural drawings show Nabi Karim’s box being built as a plus-sized box to allow future interchange (there is a new 12.58 km Indralok – Indraprastha line in works,
  • The RK Ashram station will include a track cross-over of 185 meters to allow trains to switch between the Down and Up lines. The full cut and cover box (584.071 m long) will come to the north of the existing Blue Line station.

With this development, 2 of the 4 JICA-funded underground packages have been provided in Phase 4. I’ve heard that the DC-08 and DC-09 may be reintroduced, but that remains to be seen. For the DC-05, I expect basic ground work to begin in March, with complete construction work to begin in June.

Citizen packageEvent
Package DC-05: Derawal Nagar to RK Ashram, 7.46 km underground section with 6 stationsAfcons Infra . was awarded
Package DC-08: Aerocity to Kishangarh, 6.11 km underground section with 4 stationsTata Projects is the lowest bidder
Package DC-09: Kishangarh to Saket G-Block, 6.88 km underground section with 4 stationsAfcons Infra is the lowest bidder
Package DC-07: Sangam Vihar to Tughlakabad, 6.477 km underground section with 3 stationsAfcons Infra . was awarded

see list of all Step 4 Packages and their status here,

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