Breaking News: Haldiram’s Metro Expansion in Jeopardy as Funding Clash Continues


Haldiram’s Metro

Haldiram’s Metro a major setback to Kolkata’s dream of extending the Metro service to the popular Haldiram location, the East-West Metro’s ambitious expansion project is on the brink of collapse. The Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Limited (KMRCL), responsible for this massive undertaking, has raised concerns about the lack of financial support from the state government, throwing the future of the project into uncertainty.

Two Decades of Waiting

Haldiram’s Metro The East-West Metro’s expansion initiative has been in the works for over two decades, and it was envisioned to serve as a vital transportation link for the city. The plans included not only an extension across the Ganges from Howrah Maidan to Santragachi but also an exciting prospect of connecting the Metro route to Haldiram on the other side of the Ganga. However, this grand vision is now at risk due to financial roadblocks.

Haldiram's Metro
Haldiram’s Metro

The Funding Conundrum

Haldiram’s Metro KMRCL, the organization overseeing the East-West Metro, asserts that the state government has been unwilling to provide 50 percent of the required funds for the extension to Haldiram. This impasse in funding negotiations has left the project entangled in a web of uncertainties, with the potential of total collapse looming.

The Cost Estimation

Haldiram’s Metro In a recent press conference held in Kolkata, KMRCL’s Managing Director, VK Srivastava, disclosed that the estimated cost of extending the East-West Metro up to Haldiram stands at a staggering Rs 2,365 crore. As per initial plans, the state government was expected to contribute 50 percent of this amount. However, the state government’s reluctance to allocate the necessary funds is now casting doubts on the project’s viability.

Questions Arise

Q1: Why is the state government hesitating to provide funding for this crucial project?

A1: The state government’s reluctance stems from financial concerns and other priorities competing for resources.

Q2: How will the lack of funding impact the East-West Metro’s expansion?

A2: Without the necessary funding, the project may come to a halt, leaving residents without a crucial transportation link.

Q3: What is the significance of extending the Metro to Haldiram?

A3: Extending the Metro to Haldiram is vital for connecting key areas of the city, reducing congestion, and promoting public transportation usage.


Q4: Are there alternative solutions to secure funding for this expansion?

A4: Exploring public-private partnerships or seeking external funding sources could be potential alternatives.

Q5: What is the timeline for resolving the funding issue?

A5: The timeline for resolution remains uncertain, as it depends on negotiations and government decisions.

Q6: What can citizens and stakeholders do to support the project?

A6: Citizens can advocate for the project’s importance and engage in dialogue with local authorities to find a solution.

Haldiram's Metro
Haldiram’s Metro


The dream of extending the Metro service to Haldiram, a vision cherished by the people of Kolkata for years, hangs in the balance as financial disputes persist. The fate of this significant transportation project remains uncertain, with critical decisions yet to be made. As the city eagerly awaits a resolution, the stakes are high, and the future of Kolkata’s transportation landscape remains in limbo.

Public transportation is the lifeblood of any thriving city, and Kolkata is no exception. Over the years, the Kolkata Metro has been a crucial part of the city’s infrastructure. The East-West Metro project, in particular, has promised to connect various parts of the city seamlessly. However, the dream of extending this vital metro line to Haldiram remains elusive due to a funding dispute between the Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Limited (KMRCL) and the state government.

The East-West Metro expansion project was envisioned to enhance Kolkata’s transportation network. It aimed to extend the metro line in both directions, connecting Howrah Maidan to Santragachi and stretching it across the Ganges River. An integral part of this project was the extension of the metro route to Haldiram, a significant urban area.

The proposal to extend the East-West Metro to Haldiram was based on comprehensive surveys and reports. This extension was expected to bring immense convenience to commuters and stimulate urban development in the area. However, the project’s progress hit a major roadblock—the lack of funding.


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