Kolkata Metro Embarks on an Ambitious Expansion Plan


Kolkata Metro (Kmrc)

Enhancing Passenger Service and Opening New Routes

In the vibrant city of Kolkata, the iconic Metro service is evolving and advancing at an unprecedented pace. The Kolkata Metro, a lifeline for millions, is relentlessly dedicated to elevating the passenger experience. With an existing network crisscrossing the city, exciting developments are on the horizon, promising a brighter and more extensive future for commuters.

A Glimpse of the Current Landscape

At present, the Kolkata Metro traverses numerous routes, seamlessly connecting various corners of the city. However, the news that’s currently making waves is the forthcoming expansion of this vital transit system. The wheels of progress are already in motion, and preparations are well underway. Brace yourselves; Kolkata Metro is gearing up for a decision that will leave you astounded.

Thrilling News for Howrah and Chandannagar Residents

Residents of Howrah and Chandannagar, listen up! An announcement of epic proportions is about to make your day. The Kolkata Metro Rail Authority is actively nurturing the dream of yet another groundbreaking route, one that could link Howrah and Chandannagar, with Dankuni also getting a piece of the action. Yes, you heard that correctly!

Kolkata Metro
Kolkata Metro

VK Srivastava, the dynamic Managing Director of the Calcutta Metro Rail Corporation Limited, shared the exhilarating news during a recent press briefing. He disclosed that the final survey for this ambitious route would commence as soon as the Ministry of Railways gives the green signal. Speaking at the press conference, Mr. Srivastava stated, “Between 2010 and 2014, we conducted around 14 preliminary surveys. Surveys of this magnitude require collective cooperation, including that of the state government.”

Highlighting their progress, he continued, “We’ve reactivated one of the routes identified during those preliminary surveys and have formally requested the Ministry of Railways to approve the final survey. The envisaged route will stretch from Howrah or Howrah Maidan, passing through Shalimar, Santragachi, and concluding at Chandannagar.”

Setting the Record Straight

It’s worth noting that this groundbreaking metro service expansion will not be an extension of the East-West Metro. The Kolkata Metro Rail Authority has made it abundantly clear that this will constitute an entirely separate metro corridor, distinct from the existing network.

Kolkata Metro
Kolkata Metro

When will the final survey for the new Kolkata Metro route begin?

The final survey will commence once the Ministry of Railways grants approval.


Which areas will the new Kolkata Metro route connect?

The new route will connect Howrah or Howrah Maidan, Shalimar, Santragachi, Dankuni, and Chandannagar.

Is the new metro corridor an extension of the East-West Metro?

No, the new metro corridor is entirely separate from the East-West Metro.

How many preliminary surveys were conducted for this project between 2010 and 2014 ?

Approximately 14 preliminary surveys were undertaken during that period.

What level of cooperation is required for conducting such surveys?

Conducting surveys of this magnitude necessitates the cooperation of all parties involved, including the state government.

Who is the Managing Director of Calcutta Metro Rail Corporation Limited?

VK Srivastava currently serves as the Managing Director of Calcutta Metro Rail Corporation Limited.

Kolkata Metro
Kolkata Metro

In Conclusion

Excitement is in the air as Kolkata Metro charts an ambitious course towards expansion, enhancing the lives of countless commuters. The dream of a new metro route from Howrah to Chandannagar, with Dankuni in between, is taking shape. Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking project that promises to redefine Kolkata’s public transportation landscape.

Kolkata Metro is embarking on an ambitious expansion plan. The plan includes the construction of 61 kilometers of new lines by 2026, which will bring the total network length to 100 kilometers. The new lines will connect the city’s major commercial, residential, and educational hubs, and will help to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality.


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