L&T Line-5. Won 2 contracts of Phase II of Chennai Metro for


Larsen & Toubro today emerged as the lowest bidder for 2 elevated contracts of the new 47 km Line-5, which will connect Madhavaram-Sholinganallur via 48 stations. 118.9 km Chennai Metro Phase 2 Project.

L&T was the sole bidder for the package CP-10-EV-03 And C5-ECV-02 When the technical bids were opened in mid-July, it was readily apparent that they would be the lowest bidders when the Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) proceeded to the technical bid evaluation and financial bid opening stages.

  • CP-10-EV-03: 10.2 km CMBT – Venugopal Nagar with 1 underground and 11 elevated stations
  • C5-ECV-02: 12.431 km CMBT – Pujuthivakkam with 12 elevated stations

Package CP10-EV-03

This package includes 1 underground and 11 elevated stations at the northern end of Line 5. It consists of 2 segmented sections on either side of the underground package UG6 (Kolathur – Nathamnuni), for which Bids invited in January 2021. The two sections and other infrastructure include:

  1. CMBT to Nathamuni Ramp – 5 stations at CMBT, Kaliamman Koil Street Junction, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Thirumangalam and Anna Nagar Depot
  2. Retteri Ramp to Venugopal Nagar – 7 stations at Retteri Junction, Shastri Nagar, MMBT, Velmurugan Nagar, Manjambakkam, Assisi Nagar & Venugopal Nagar (underground)
  3. 1.5 km from Depot-Line to Madhavaram Depot of Lines 3 and 5 (6 bids received today)
  4. Cut and cover section between Assisi Nagar ramp and Venugopal Nagar (length not disclosed)

CMRL invited bid February for this package with a 36-month deadline and an undisclosed estimate.


L&T’s bid (unconfirmed): Rupee. 1909.60 crores or 1620 crores

Tender Number: CMRL/CON/Phase-II/Corridor5/CP10-EV-03/2021


short range: Construction approx. Assisi Nagar to CMBT 10.2 kms Elevated Viaduct, Elevated Ramp & 11 Elevated Stations (Except underground section from Retry Ramp to Nathamuni Ramp) and Cut & Cover Section, Depot Approach Approx. 1.5 km and Venugopal Nagar Underground Station, with verification of design suitability for construction, including architectural finishes, plumbing works, signage and all allied works in Corridor 5.

ChennaiCP10 EV 03RouteMap Kolkata Metro
With my edits CMRL’s official Phase 2 map shows the two sections of this package between CMBT – Venugopal Nagar -. View Phase 2 information and route maps

Package C5-ECV-02

The viaduct and 12 sections of this elevated section are exactly in the middle of Line-5. It consists of 2 segmented sections on either side of the double-decker package C4-ECV-01 (Power House – Porur), which Awarded to Larsen & Toubro in May 2021.


This package includes two sections and other infrastructure:

  1. Alvarthiru Nagar (approx 3.2 km) from CMBT with 3 stations at Grain Market, Sai Nagar Bus Stop and Elango Nagar Bus Stop
  2. Porur Junction to Puzhuthivakkam (approx 9 kms) with 9 stations at Mugalivakkam, DLF IT SEZ, Satya Nagar, CTC, Butt Road, Alandur, Adambakkam, Vanuvampet and Pujuthivakkam.
  3. Integrated Grade Separator (flyover) from Mugalivakkam to MIOT Hospital (approximately 2.5 km double decker viaduct for vehicles and metro trains, such as local vadapalani Or the one who open in Nagpur at the end of last year).
  4. Vanuvampet. in underpass

CMRL invited tenders For its construction in January 2021 with an undisclosed estimate and a time frame of 36 months.


L&T’s bid (unconfirmed): Rupee. 1655.15 crore

Tender Number: CMRL/Phase II/Corridor 5/C5-ECV-02


short range: Construction of elevated viaduct of approx. Between CMBT Metro Station (Except Station) and Pujuthivakkam Metro Station ((Ch: 16178 m to 19296 m, Ch: 22962 m to 30199 m, Ch: 31178 m to 31241 m and Ch: 31657 m to 33710 m)) 12.431 km length includes special spans and construction of 12 no. Anaj Bazar, Sai Nagar Bus Stop, Elango Nagar Bus Stop, Mugalivakkam, DLF IT SEZ, Satya Nagar, CTC, BUTT Road, Elevated Stations at Alandur, Adamabakkam, Vanuvampet and Puzhuthivakkam and Mugalivakkam to MIOT Hospital, Integrated Highway Grade Separator for Vehicles Underpass at Vanuvampet and all allied works in Corridor-5 of Chennai Metro Rail Project- Phase-2

ChennaiMetroC5ECV02Map Kolkata Metro
With my edit the official phase 2 map of CMRL shows two sections of this package between CMBT – Pujuthivakkam – View Phase 2 information and route maps

L&T’s bid prices are unconfirmed and CMRL’s estimate is still unknown to me, so it is difficult to assess how they are bid.


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