Chandrayaan-3 today pragyan rover update

Pragyan rover has successfully completed its first day of operations on the lunar surface. The rover rolled out of the Vikram lander on August 23 and has been moving around the surrounding area, collecting data and images.

 The rover has already begun to collect data on the lunar surface, including images of the terrain, rock samples, and lunar dust. This data will help scientists to better understand the composition and history of the Moon.

The rover is equipped with a variety of instruments to help it carry ou   t its mission, including a camera, a spectrometer, and a magnetometer. These instruments will help the rover to study the lunar surface in detail.

The rover is expected to operate for 14 days, which is one lunar day. During this time, it will explore a 500-meter radius around the Vikram lander.

The successful landing of Pragyan rover is a major achievement for India's space program. It is the first rover to land on the Moon's south pole, and it is expected to generate valuable new insights into the lunar surface.

Pragyan rover is a small, four-wheeled rover that weighs just 26 kilograms. It is powered by solar energy and has a top speed of 1 centimeter per second.

The rover's camera is capable of taking high-resolution images of the lunar surface. It is also equipped with a spectrometer that can analyze the chemical composition of rock samples.

The rover's magnetometer can measure the magnetic field of the Moon. This information will help scientists to understand the Moon's formation and evolution.

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