Fingerprints Stolen from Aadhaar Card: Money Lost Overnight in Baguio


Unprecedented Security Breach Shakes Baguio as Aadhaar Card Data Falls into Wrong Hands

In a shocking turn of events, a group of unidentified individuals has orchestrated a massive security breach by impersonating bank account holders and gaining access to Aadhaar card numbers and bank account details. This Aadhaar card data, which contains highly sensitive information such as retina scans and fingerprints, has now fallen into the hands of cybercriminals who are utilizing it to withdraw money from unsuspecting victims’ bank accounts. This disturbing incident recently unfolded in the heart of Khas Kolkata’s Baguiati, sending shockwaves through the region. Authorities have already apprehended two suspects, and investigations are underway.

The Alarming Breach

The chain of events started when imposters masqueraded as genuine bank account holders, skillfully persuading bank staff to disclose crucial customer information, such as Aadhaar card numbers and bank account details. What makes this breach particularly noteworthy is the disclosure that the wrongdoers not only gained access to personal information but also managed to accurately replicate the fingerprint data encoded within the Aadhaar cards.

Fingerprints Stolen from Aadhaar Card: Money Lost Overnight in Baguio

Tusharkanti Mukhopadhyay’s Tale

One of the victims of this bold crime is Tusharkanti Mukhopadhyay, a 46-year-old resident of JE20 Block in Jangra Mandal Para, situated along Hatiyara Road in Baguiati. Mukhopadhyay found himself in the unfortunate situation of losing a substantial amount, totaling Tk 28,900, from his bank account. Faced with this significant financial loss, he took the proactive step of filing a complaint with the local police. This marked the commencement of an extensive investigation into the intricacies of this elaborate fraud scheme.

Unmasking the Culprits

The diligent efforts of law enforcement quickly resulted in the arrest of two individuals from North Dinajpur. Mokhtar Alam, aged 23, and Roshan Ali, aged 22, were apprehended in connection with a series of at least six bank fraud cases, all centered around the illicit utilization of Aadhaar card information.

Fingerprints Stolen from Aadhaar Card: Money Lost Overnight in Baguio

An Expansive Operation

The investigation extended beyond the confines of Baguiati, as it became apparent that the fraud had its origins in areas close to Islampur in Bengal and Araria in Bihar. To tackle this complex case, a specialized unit known as the Bank Fraud Prevention Wing of the Kolkata Police sprang into action. They conducted a thorough search of the targeted regions, ultimately resulting in the apprehension of the two suspects.

The Role of Roshan Ali

Integral to the success of the operation was Roshan Ali, who possessed expertise in duplicating fingerprints. The entire fraudulent scheme was orchestrated using a system registered under the name of Mukhtar Alam, one of the arrested suspects.

Fingerprints Stolen from Aadhaar Card: Money Lost Overnight in Baguio

Legal Proceedings

Both Mokhtar Alam and Roshan Ali were brought before the court, and the court has issued an order for them to be held in police custody until October 7. This measure is vital to facilitate a comprehensive investigation into the breach and to determine the full extent of the damage inflicted by these cybercriminals.



1. What is Aadhaar card data?

Aadhaar card data is a comprehensive record containing personal information such as retina scans and fingerprints, linked to a unique identification number assigned to Indian residents.

2. How did the imposters gain access to Aadhaar card data?

The imposters impersonated legitimate bank account holders, convincing bank personnel to disclose Aadhaar card numbers and bank account details.

3. How were the fingerprints replicated?

The suspects were skilled in duplicating fingerprints, allowing them to forge the fingerprint information contained in the Aadhaar cards.

4. Were other victims affected by this fraud?

Yes, there have been at least six allegations of bank fraud involving the illicit use of Aadhaar card information.

5. What actions have the authorities taken?

The Kolkata Police established a specialized unit, the Bank Fraud Prevention Wing, to investigate the incident and apprehend the suspects. Legal proceedings are currently underway.

6. What are the implications of this security breach?

This security breach has raised concerns about the vulnerability of personal data and the need for enhanced security measures to protect sensitive information.


The breach of Aadhaar card data and the ensuing fraudulent activities have underscored the pressing need for stringent security measures and vigilant oversight. As the investigation progresses, it is crucial that authorities remain unwavering in their efforts to ensure that those accountable are brought to justice. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the ever-evolving threats in the digital age and underscores the significance of safeguarding personal information in an increasingly interconnected world.




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