After Chandrayaan Triumph, Midhani Readies for ISRO’s Gaganyaan



In the wake of its triumphant contribution to the Chandrayaan Mission, Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited (Midhani), a stalwart in the defense public sector, specializing in crafting special steels and alloys for the strategic sector, stands poised and ready for the next cosmic odyssey. With the Gaganyaan Mission on the horizon, Midhani’s stellar performance in supplying crucial materials for crafting lunar launch vehicles, engines, motors, landers, and rovers has propelled it to the forefront of India’s space endeavors.

A Giant Leap Forward

A Seamless Transition: From Chandrayaan to Gaganyaan

Midhani’s remarkable journey from contributing to the Chandrayaan project to now being an integral part of the Gaganyaan mission is nothing short of spectacular. They have played a pivotal role by supplying a wide range of materials essential for the Gaganyaan project, including rocket components, engines, crew modules, and more. What’s particularly impressive is their capacity to support “five launches,” underscoring their unwavering commitment to India’s space exploration endeavors.

While the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) originally envisions three launches for the Gaganyaan mission, the prospect of a fourth launch is now tantalizingly close. This signifies a significant step toward the imminent human voyage into the cosmos, marking a remarkable achievement in India’s space exploration journey.

After Chandrayaan Triumph, Midhani Readies for ISRO’s Gaganyaan

Exclusive Insights

A Gaganyaan Preview: Unveiling Midhani’s Role

In an exclusive interview, Dr. S.K. Jha, Chairman and Managing Director of Midhani, provides insights into the complex process of supplying specialized metals and alloys to the space agency. He underscores the critical importance of maintaining stringent quality controls, which require the highest standards of raw material purity, both throughout the processing and post-processing phases. Achieving excellence is a fundamental objective right from the inception of the project, and it represents a monumental challenge that demands meticulous attention at every stage.

Dr. Jha also highlights the gravity of the mission by pointing out ISRO’s stipulation of a 20% surplus. This requirement emphasizes the need for absolute precision and reliability in the materials supplied, underlining the profound significance of Midhani’s contributions to India’s space exploration efforts.

Meeting Challenges Head-On

Rising Above the Fray: Tackling Production Challenges

In the context of shared production facilities that serve multiple projects, the primary challenge was distinguishing Midhani’s work from the rest. To address this, engineers, quality control experts, and process engineers received specialized guidance that emphasized the need for unwavering vigilance. Dr. Jha highlights a significant event when ISRO Chairman S. Somanath personally conducted a session, reinforcing the importance of strict adherence to protocols. This underscored the commitment to maintaining the highest standards in Midhani’s contributions to the projects.

Technological Advancements

Pioneering Progress: Midhani’s Technological Leap

Midhani’s exceptional capabilities shine through in its ability to swiftly adapt to mission-driven tasks with remarkable speed. The company employs extensive laboratory testing procedures, encompassing critical aspects such as fracture analysis and stress tests carried out under extreme temperature variations, to guarantee the reliability of the materials used. Every stage of production is subjected to meticulous monitoring, leaving no room for error in the unforgiving environment of space.


Concurrently, ISRO conducts parallel tests at its own facilities to validate and corroborate the results, further emphasizing the rigorous scrutiny and commitment to ensuring the success and safety of space missions.

After Chandrayaan Triumph, Midhani Readies for ISRO’s Gaganyaan

Celebrating Chandrayaan’s Triumph

The GSLV-LVM Milestone: A Testimony to Midhani’s Excellence

Dr. Jha enthusiastically celebrates the resounding success of Chandrayaan and proudly highlights the GSLV-LVM rocket, a powerful marvel within ISRO’s arsenal. Notably, this rocket is equipped with components provided by Midhani, which include nickel and titanium alloys. The recent GSLV-LVM mission has pushed the boundaries of space exploration, venturing into the farthest reaches of the cosmos. This remarkable achievement stands as a testament to Midhani’s steadfast dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability in their contributions to India’s space endeavors.

Materials for Extraordinary Conditions

Withstanding the Extremes: Titanium Alloys and Ultra-High Strength Steel

The use of titanium alloys in the lander and rover on the Moon is a testament to their engineering prowess, designed to withstand both extreme temperatures and the freezing cold of the lunar environment. Additionally, Midhani’s noteworthy achievement in developing indigenous ultra-high strength ‘maraging’ steel, composed of iron, nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, titanium, and aluminum, highlights their versatility and innovative capabilities in creating advanced materials for space exploration.

Collaborative Endeavors

A Partnership Built on Trust: ISRO and Midhani

The design and specifications for these materials are intricately developed by ISRO, with its scientists closely supervising the entire production process to guarantee the highest levels of precision and quality. Upon receiving an order, Midhani demonstrates remarkable efficiency by producing materials that can support up to ten launches annually, accomplishing this with a swift two-month turnaround time. This efficiency ensures a steady supply of materials for multiple launches, encompassing items such as rings, plates, wires, and more, which can be delivered every three months. This diligent production cycle serves to bolster ISRO’s inventory, ensuring a consistent and reliable resource for their missions.

Q: What is Midhani?

Midhani is a state-owned aerospace and defence company based in Hyderabad, India. It was established in 1961 and is one of the leading manufacturers of space hardware in India. Midhani has played a major role in India’s space program, including the development of the Chandrayaan-1 and Chandrayaan-2 missions.

Q: What is Gaganyaan?

Gaganyaan is India’s first human spaceflight program. The mission aims to send Indian astronauts to low Earth orbit (LEO) by 2023. Midhani is one of the major contractors for the Gaganyaan program, and is responsible for developing the crew module and other critical systems.

Q: How is Midhani overcoming these challenges?

Midhani is overcoming these challenges by working closely with ISRO and other leading aerospace companies. Midhani is also investing in research and development to develop new technologies that will be needed for the Gaganyaan program.


Q: What is the significance of Midhani’s participation in Gaganyaan?

Midhani’s participation in Gaganyaan is a significant milestone for the company. It demonstrates Midhani’s capabilities as a leading aerospace and defence company. It also shows Midhani’s commitment to India’s space program.

Q: What are the future plans of Midhani?

Midhani is planning to expand its capabilities in the space sector. The company is also planning to enter new markets, such as the defence sector. Midhani is also planning to invest in research and development to develop new technologies.


As we look to the horizon of space exploration, the synergy between ISRO and Midhani exemplifies India’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of cosmic discovery. With Chandrayaan’s success as a shining beacon, Midhani’s unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation underscores its pivotal role in ISRO’s ambitious Gaganyaan Mission. The future of space exploration in India shines bright, with Midhani at the forefront, ready to meet new challenges and push the boundaries of human achievement.



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