D.N Nagar Metro Station : Details, Time table, Fare chart, Route Map


D.N Nagar Metro station is located on the Mumbai Metro Line 1 in Mumbai, India. This metro station was inaugurated in the year 2014. The address of D.N Nagar Metro station is JP Road, D.N. Nagar, Andheri (West), Mumbai.

D.N Nagar Metro Station Details

D.N Nagar, located in Andheri West, Mumbai, India, is a vibrant residential and commercial locality. The name is a tribute to Dadabhai Naoroji, the first Indian to receive a knighthood from the British.

The neighborhood boasts excellent connectivity via both road and rail networks. D.N Nagar Metro Station is part of the East-West Corridor of the Blue Line 1 of the Mumbai Metro, enhancing accessibility.

D.N Nagar accommodates numerous educational institutions, hospitals, shopping malls, and dining establishments. Nearby attractions include:

  1. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital
  2. R.N. Cooper Municipal General Hospital
  3. Andheri West Railway Station
  4. Juhu Beach
  5. Bandra Kurla Complex

Additional insights about D.N Nagar:

  • It’s a preferred residential choice for families and young professionals.
  • Property prices in the neighborhood tend to be relatively high.
  • The locality is renowned for its well-maintained and clean environment.
  • A sense of safety and security characterizes the neighborhood.
  • If you’re seeking a favorable living option in Mumbai, D.N Nagar stands as an excellent choice.

Feel free to utilize this information to familiarize yourself with the vibrant characteristics of D.N Nagar.

D.N Nagar Metro Station : Details, Time table, Fare chart, Route Map

D.N Nagar Metro Station Quick Info

Station CodeDNG
Station NameD.N Nagar Metro Station
Station StructureElevated
Opened OnSunday, June 8, 2014
Operated ByMumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC)
Located onMumbai Metro Line 1
No. of Plateforms2
Previous Metro StationVersova Metro Station
Next Metro StationAzad Nagar Metro Station
The D.N Nagar metro station is situated in the D.N Nagar neighborhood of Andheri West, Mumbai. Found near the Indian Oil Junction on SV Road, this station enjoys a convenient and well-connected location. It serves as a vital link for the surrounding area, benefiting from easy accessibility by road and bus. Motorists can also make use of the various parking facilities in the vicinity. The station’s coordinates are approximately 19.0768° N latitude and 72.8439° E longitude.

For assistance with Mumbai Metro services, you have a range of options:

  • Mumbai Metro Helpline Number: Call 139 (Toll-free) anytime, as it operates 24/7. This number is your go-to for questions about delays, cancellations, or technical issues.
  • Mumbai Metro Customer Care Number: Dial 9007041844 for general metro information. You can use this number to inquire about various aspects of the metro service.

If you’re at the D.N Nagar metro station and require help:

  • Visit the customer service desk situated within the station.
  • Approach a police officer stationed at the premises.
  • Connect with Mumbai Metro on social media:
    • Twitter: @MumbaiMetro
    • Facebook: @MumbaiMetro

Some key points about the D.N Nagar metro station’s helpline system:

  • Language Support: Helpline numbers are available in English and Hindi. Moreover, you can receive assistance in Marathi, Gujarati, and Tamil by contacting the Mumbai Metro Customer Care Number.
  • Skilled Personnel: Trained staff members manage the helpline numbers, ensuring capable assistance for your inquiries.
  • Online Help: Utilize the Mumbai Metro website or the Mumbai Metro app for additional online support.

The D.N Nagar metro station helpline system proves invaluable for passengers, being accessible 24/7. With personnel fluent in various languages, you’ll find assistance in your preferred tongue. The option for online support further enhances your access to help.

Feel free to reach out whenever you need aid; the helpline system is designed to provide comprehensive assistance to passengers like you.

Location:  JP Road, D.N. Nagar, Andheri (West), Mumbai
Help Line: +913322267287

Time Table of D.N Nagar Metro Station

It’s important for travelers to be aware of potential variations in schedules, especially during different times of the day and on holidays or special occasions. Checking the Mumbai Metro website or app for the most up-to-date information is a wise practice to ensure a smooth journey.

As of the current time, which is 07:27:30 AM IST, please note that the last metro departing from D.N Nagar has already left at 10:34 PM. The next metro from D.N Nagar is scheduled to depart at 06:34 AM tomorrow.


For accurate and timely travel planning, always consult the official Mumbai Metro sources for the latest updates regarding schedules, as these timings are subject to change without notice due to various factors.

SourceDestinationDistanceFirst MetroLast Metro
D.N NagarAzad Nagar0.8 KM5:21 AM11:21 PM
D.N NagarAndheri2.3 KM5:21 AM11:21 PM
D.N NagarWestern Express Highway3.2 KM5:21 AM11:21 PM
D.N NagarChakala (J.B.Nagar)5 KM5:21 AM11:21 PM
D.N NagarAirport Road5.8 KM5:21 AM11:21 PM
D.N NagarMarol Naka6.7 KM5:21 AM11:21 PM
D.N NagarSaki Naka7.8 KM5:21 AM11:21 PM
D.N NagarAsalpha9 KM5:21 AM11:21 PM
D.N NagarJagruti Nagar9.85 KM5:21 AM11:21 PM
D.N NagarGhatkopar11.15 KM5:21 AM11:21 PM
D.N NagarVersova1 KM5:48 AM12:05 AM

Thank you for providing the detailed up-to-date schedule for the D.N Nagar metro station:

Up Trains (Towards Ghatkopar):

  • First train from DN Nagar: 06:34 AM
  • Frequency: 5 minutes
  • Last train from DN Nagar: 10:34 PM

Down Trains (Towards Versova):

  • First train from Ghatkopar: 05:30 AM
  • Frequency: 5 minutes
  • Last train from Ghatkopar: 09:08 PM

Please remember that these timings are subject to potential variations based on the day of the week and time of year. For the most accurate and current information, it’s recommended to check the Mumbai Metro website.

Fare Chart of D.N Nagar Metro Station

Concessions are available for students, senior citizens, and persons with disabilities. To learn more about these concessions and their eligibility criteria, please visit the Mumbai Metro website. Remember that the information provided is accurate as of now, but it’s always a good practice to check the Mumbai Metro website for the latest information and updates.

D.N NagarAzad NagarRs. 100.8 KM
D.N NagarAndheriRs. 202.3 KM
D.N NagarWestern Express HighwayRs. 203.2 KM
D.N NagarChakala (J.B.Nagar)Rs. 205 KM
D.N NagarAirport RoadRs. 305.8 KM
D.N NagarMarol NakaRs. 306.7 KM
D.N NagarSaki NakaRs. 307.8 KM
D.N NagarAsalphaRs. 309 KM
D.N NagarJagruti NagarRs. 409.85 KM
D.N NagarGhatkoparRs. 4011.15 KM
D.N NagarVersovaRs. 101 KM

Fare Payment: Fares can be paid in two ways:

  1. Ticket Counter: You can pay your fare at the ticket counter.
  2. Smart Card: The Smart Card is a rechargeable card designed for multiple journeys. It offers a convenient way to travel as you won’t need to stand in line at the ticket counter for each journey.

Using the Smart Card eliminates the need to purchase individual tickets and allows for smoother entry and exit at the metro station.

Route Map of D.N Nagar Metro Station

The D.N Nagar metro station is positioned along the East-West Corridor of the Mumbai Metro’s Blue Line 1. This line spans from Versova in the western direction to Ghatkopar in the east. The line encompasses a total of 22 stations, with D.N Nagar being one of them. This corridor serves as a vital transportation link connecting various neighborhoods across Mumbai.

D.N Nagar Metro Station : Details, Time table, Fare chart, Route Map

The D.N Nagar metro station stands as a significant transit hub located in Andheri West. Its strategic positioning ensures strong connectivity to the neighboring regions, rendering it a convenient and efficient means for commuting to and from the city.

Entry/Exit Gates on D.N Nagar Metro Station

The D.N Nagar metro station has a total of 4 entry/exit gates. The gates are wheelchair accessible and there are lifts and escalators for easy access.

Gate 1

Gate 1 serves as the primary entry and exit point for the D.N Nagar metro station. Situated along SV Road, in proximity to the Indian Oil Junction, this gate is wheelchair accessible and offers lifts and escalators for effortless mobility.

The operating hours for Gate 1 span from 6:00 AM to 10:30 PM, daily. Renowned for its popularity, this gate is a pivotal aspect of the D.N Nagar metro station experience. Positioned in a bustling locality, it boasts excellent connectivity to nearby thoroughfares.

Adjacent to Gate 1, numerous bus stops and taxi stands simplify commuting to and from the station. If you intend to journey to the D.N Nagar metro station, Gate 1 is the optimal choice, representing utmost convenience and accessibility.


Gate 2

Gate 2 at the D.N Nagar metro station serves solely as an exit gate. Positioned along SV Road, near the R.N. Cooper Municipal General Hospital, this gate ensures wheelchair accessibility through lifts and escalators.

Gate 2 operates around the clock, offering continuous convenience for exiting the station. It proves especially advantageous for those visiting the adjacent R.N. Cooper Municipal General Hospital.

For entry into the D.N Nagar metro station, there are two viable options: Gate 1 or Gate 3. These gates, functioning as both entry and exit points, remain open 24 hours a day, providing seamless accessibility.

Gate 3

Gate 3 at the D.N Nagar metro station serves as a versatile entry and exit point. Situated along SV Road, in proximity to the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, this gate prioritizes wheelchair accessibility with lifts and escalators for seamless navigation.

Operating around the clock, Gate 3 offers continuous accessibility for both entering and exiting the station. Its proximity to the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital renders it particularly convenient for hospital visitors.

When planning your journey to the D.N Nagar metro station, consider utilizing any of the three gates: Gate 1, Gate 2, or Gate 3. Each gate operates 24 hours a day, ensuring constant accessibility and wheelchair-friendliness.

Gate 4

Gate 4 at the D.N Nagar metro station functions exclusively as an exit gate. Situated along SV Road, in close proximity to the Andheri West Railway Station, this gate is equipped with wheelchair-friendly facilities, including lifts and escalators.


Operating non-stop, Gate 4 ensures round-the-clock accessibility for station exit. Its strategic location near the Andheri West Railway Station makes it a valuable choice for those looking to seamlessly transition to the railway network.

For individuals intending to enter the D.N Nagar metro station, Gate 1, Gate 2, and Gate 3 are all suitable options. These gates, operational 24/7, provide wheelchair accessibility for a smooth station experience.

D.N Nagar Metro Station : Details, Time table, Fare chart, Route Map
GateOpening towards
Gate No.1Cosmos Plaza, Mumbai metro Depot, Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Kamdhenu mall, Eliperi, Indian Oil Nagar Bus Stop
Gate No.2Eliperi, Indian Oil Nagar Bus Stop
Exit 2 & 3Veera Desai road, Lokhandwala Junction, Infinity mall, Fun Republic, Star Bazaar, Apna Bazaar.
Gate No.4 & 5DN nagar police station, Indian Oil Nagar

Q1. On which line D.N Nagar metro Station is located?

A: D.N Nagar metro Station is located on Mumbai Metro Line 1

Q2. How many gates are available on D.N Nagar metro Station?

A: As per our records there are 5 gates are available on D.N Nagar metro Station.

Q3. Is parking available on D.N Nagar metro station?

A: Yes, parking is available on D.N Nagar metro station.

Q4. What is pincode of D.N Nagar metro Station?

A: D.N Nagar metro Station pin code is 400053.


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