Battery Prices Have Become Much Cheaper, Electric Cars Will Save Your Pocket



Electric vehicles (EVs) are experiencing a global revolution, particularly in Europe, America, and China, where they have gained substantial traction in recent years. Notably, one in every five cars sold in Europe in August was electric, accounting for an impressive 21 percent of total vehicle sales. This surge is accompanied by remarkable sales figures, with 1 million electric cars being sold in Europe in just eight months. What’s even more striking is the consistent growth of electric vehicle sales over the past 13 months, nearly doubling within the last year.

Battery Prices Have Become Much Cheaper, Electric Cars Will Save Your Pocket

The Indian Perspective

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Plunging Battery Prices

In a significant development, the British newspaper Independent has reported a noteworthy drop in electric car battery prices in Europe, with a nearly 10 percent reduction in August alone. Over the past year, battery prices have experienced a remarkable decline of approximately 33 percent since March 2022. Notably, the price of lithium-ion batteries, which are the vital components of electric vehicles, has now fallen below the significant milestone of $100 per kWh in the European market for the first time.

This significant shift is supported by Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, an analytics firm, which maintains that battery prices need to drop below $100 per kWh to make global electric car prices competitive with their gasoline-powered counterparts. This milestone has now been achieved, and experts anticipate further declines in lithium-ion battery prices in the near future.

Battery Prices Have Become Much Cheaper, Electric Cars Will Save Your Pocket

The End of China’s Dominance

One significant factor contributing to the ongoing decline in battery prices is the changing landscape of lithium-ion production. China, which was once the dominant player in this sector, no longer maintains complete control over the market. Recent discoveries of substantial lithium deposits in other parts of the world have shifted the dynamics significantly.

According to Evan Hatley, an expert from Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, the European electric car market is experiencing a swift reduction in prices thanks to the diversification of the supply of lithium-ion batteries. Electric cars are now becoming accessible at prices that are on par with their gasoline-powered counterparts. Importantly, over the past decade, lithium-ion battery prices have plummeted by more than 80 percent, and there are anticipations of further drops as extensive lithium deposits have been discovered in regions like Nevada and Oregon.

Battery Prices Have Become Much Cheaper, Electric Cars Will Save Your Pocket

India’s Upcoming Transformation

Shifting our focus to India, we can expect a notable transformation in the electric vehicle landscape. Currently, Tata Motors’ electric cars, notably the Nexon and Tiago EV, hold a dominant position in the Indian market. The Nexon EV, equipped with a 30.2 kWh battery, offers a range of up to 312 km on a single charge. Its second variant, featuring a larger 40.5 kWh battery, delivers an impressive range of 437 km.


Just a year ago, there were concerns about the high cost of replacing the battery in these cars, estimated to be around 7 lakh rupees. However, given the significant decline in lithium-ion battery prices in Europe, it’s probable that these costs will experience a substantial reduction.

Currently, at the current rates, a 30 kWh battery can be obtained for as little as $3,000, roughly equivalent to Rs 2.50 lakh. As a result, India stands on the brink of an electric vehicle revolution, with the affordability and availability of EVs set to revolutionize the market.

Battery Prices Have Become Much Cheaper, Electric Cars Will Save Your Pocket


Are electric cars gaining popularity in Europe?

Yes, electric cars are becoming increasingly popular in Europe, accounting for one in every five cars sold in August.

Why are falling battery prices significant?

Falling battery prices make electric cars more affordable, bringing them closer in price to petrol cars.

What is the role of lithium-ion batteries in electric cars?

Lithium-ion batteries are the primary energy source for electric vehicles, providing power for propulsion.

Why have lithium-ion battery prices dropped?

The discovery of lithium deposits outside of China has led to increased competition and a subsequent drop in battery prices.

What are the benefits of electric vehicles for consumers?

Electric vehicles offer lower operating costs, reduced emissions, and a quieter, smoother driving experience.


Will electric vehicles become more affordable in India?

Yes, with falling battery prices, electric vehicles are expected to become more affordable and accessible in India.


The global electric vehicle landscape is undergoing rapid transformation, and India is on the verge of embracing this transformative trend. Declining battery prices, especially the substantial reduction in lithium-ion battery costs, are rendering electric cars more affordable, bringing them within the price range of conventional gasoline-powered vehicles. As India experiences a revolution in the sale of electric vehicles, consumers can anticipate a greener, more sustainable, and budget-friendly future on the roads.



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