Ghatkopar Metro Station : Details, Time table, Fare chart, Route Map


Ghatkopar Metro Station is located on Mumbai Metro Line 1. This metro station was inaugurated in the year 2014. Its address is Ghatkopar Station (West), Mumbai.

Ghatkopar Metro Station Details

Ghatkopar stands as an elevated metro station along Mumbai’s Blue Line 1, forming a part of the East-West Corridor. The station became accessible to the public on 8 June 2014 and serves as the terminus station on this line. Ghatkopar Metro Station derives its name from the prominent Ghatkopar suburb within Mumbai.

Designed to ensure accessibility, the station features two entry/exit gates along with wheelchair-friendly facilities such as lifts and escalators, promoting ease of movement for all passengers. Operating hours span from 6:00 AM to 10:30 PM daily.

Ghatkopar, a significant suburb within Mumbai, enjoys robust connectivity to various parts of the city via road, rail, and metro systems. The metro station stands as a convenient mode of travel for residents and commuters, fostering seamless transportation to and from Ghatkopar and its neighboring areas.

Station CodeGHK
Station NameGhatkopar Metro Station
Station StructureElevated
Opened OnSunday, June 8, 2014
Operated ByMumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC)
Located onMumbai Metro Line 1
No. of Plateforms3
Previous Metro StationJagruti Nagar Metro Station
Next Metro StationGhatkopar Metro Station

Ghatkopar Metro Station is situated in the Ghatkopar West suburb of Mumbai, Maharashtra 400086. Its geographical coordinates are Latitude: 19.126042°N and Longitude: 72.856092°E.

The station finds its location along the Andheri Kurla Road. It is approximately 1.4 km away from the Ghatkopar Railway Station and around 2.1 km from the Asalpha metro station.

Thanks to its strategic positioning, the station boasts robust connectivity to the neighboring regions through both road and bus networks. Additionally, the availability of multiple parking facilities caters to the convenience of motorists in the vicinity.


For any assistance or inquiries related to the Mumbai Metro service, you have access to helpful resources:

Mumbai Metro Helpline Number: 139 (Toll-free)
Mumbai Metro Customer Care Number: 9007041844

These helpline numbers offer support 24/7 and are available in both English and Hindi. Moreover, for those seeking assistance in Marathi, Gujarati, or Tamil, the Mumbai Metro Customer Care Number can be of help.

To ensure a seamless experience at Ghatkopar Metro Station, consider the following avenues for assistance:

  1. Customer Service Desk: You can visit the customer service desk stationed within the premises.
  2. Police Officer Interaction: Engage with a police officer who is present at the station.
  3. Social Media Contact: Connect with Mumbai Metro via social media: Tweet to @MumbaiMetro or DM them on Facebook (@MumbaiMetro).

Here are additional insights regarding the Ghatkopar Metro Station helpline system:

  • The helpline numbers are staffed by trained personnel who are adept at addressing your queries.
  • Online Assistance: For your convenience, you can also seek help online by visiting the Mumbai Metro website or utilizing the Mumbai Metro app.

The Ghatkopar Metro Station helpline system stands as an invaluable resource for passengers. With its availability 24/7, you can seek assistance whenever required. Trained personnel proficient in multiple languages are ready to cater to your queries. Furthermore, online avenues offer additional support through the Mumbai Metro website and app.

Quick Info

Location: Ghatkopar Station (West), Mumbai
Help Line: +912226384677


Time Table of Ghatkopar Metro Station

As of the current time, which is 10:03 AM IST on August 27, 2023, please be aware that the last metro departing from Ghatkopar has already left at 11:10 PM. The subsequent metro service from Ghatkopar is scheduled to commence at 06:30 AM tomorrow.

SourceDestinationDistanceFirst MetroLast Metro
GhatkoparVersova12.15 KM5:29 AM11:46 PM
GhatkoparD.N Nagar11.15 KM5:29 AM11:46 PM
GhatkoparAzad Nagar10.35 KM5:29 AM11:46 PM
GhatkoparAndheri8.9 KM5:29 AM11:46 PM
GhatkoparWestern Express Highway8 KM5:29 AM11:46 PM
GhatkoparChakala (J.B.Nagar)6.2 KM5:29 AM11:46 PM
GhatkoparAirport Road5.4 KM5:29 AM11:46 PM
GhatkoparMarol Naka4.5 KM5:29 AM11:46 PM
GhatkoparSaki Naka3.4 KM5:29 AM11:46 PM
GhatkoparAsalpha2.2 KM5:29 AM11:46 PM
GhatkoparJagruti Nagar1.3 KM5:29 AM11:46 PM

Up Trains (Towards Versova):

  • First train from Ghatkopar: 06:30 AM
  • Frequency: Every 5 minutes
  • Last train from Ghatkopar: 11:10 PM

Down Trains (Towards Andheri):

  • First train from Versova: 06:42 AM
  • Frequency: Every 5 minutes
  • Last train from Versova: 10:42 PM

Please note that the provided timings might vary based on the specific day of the week and the current season. For the most up-to-date schedule, it’s advisable to refer to the Mumbai Metro website.

Fare Chart of Ghatkopar Metro Station

The fare calculation is dependent on the distance covered during the journey. The minimum fare stands at Rs. 10 for distances up to 3 km, while the highest fare of Rs. 160 applies to journeys spanning over 42 km.

Various concessions are accessible for students, senior citizens, and individuals with disabilities. To obtain more details regarding these concessions, you can refer to the Mumbai Metro website.

GhatkoparVersovaRs. 4012.15 KM
GhatkoparD.N NagarRs. 4011.15 KM
GhatkoparAzad NagarRs. 4010.35 KM
GhatkoparAndheriRs. 308.9 KM
GhatkoparWestern Express HighwayRs. 308 KM
GhatkoparChakala (J.B.Nagar)Rs. 306.2 KM
GhatkoparAirport RoadRs. 205.4 KM
GhatkoparMarol NakaRs. 204.5 KM
GhatkoparSaki NakaRs. 203.4 KM
GhatkoparAsalphaRs. 102.2 KM
GhatkoparJagruti NagarRs. 101.3 KM

Payment of fares can be made at the ticket counter or through the use of the Smart Card. The Smart Card is a rechargeable option designed for multiple journeys, offering a convenient way to travel that eliminates the necessity of waiting in line at the ticket counter for each trip.


For a single journey between Ghatkopar and Jagruti Nagar, encompassing a distance of 1 km, the fare would amount to Rs. 10.

Route Map of Ghatkopar Metro Station

Ghatkopar Metro Station is positioned on Mumbai Metro’s Blue Line 1, situated within the East-West Corridor. This line extends from Versova in the western direction to Ghatkopar in the eastern direction. Notably, the line encompasses a total of 12 stations, among them being Ghatkopar.

Ghatkopar Metro Station : Details, Time table, Fare chart, Route Map

Ghatkopar Metro Station serves as a convenient mode of transportation for commuting to and from Ghatkopar and its neighboring regions. It is particularly beneficial for individuals traveling to or from the Andheri Kurla Complex (AKKC).

To visualize the metro route and plan your journey effectively, you can access the route map of Ghatkopar Metro Station through the Mumbai Metro website or the Mumbai Metro app. This map outlines the station’s location, the positions of other stations along the line, and the distances between each station.

Entry/Exit Gates on Ghatkopar Metro Station

The choice of the most suitable gate at Ghatkopar Metro Station depends on your point of origin and your destination. If you are arriving from the Andheri Kurla Railway Station, Gate 1 is recommended. Conversely, if you are traveling from the Marol Naka metro station, Gate 2 is the preferable option.

Please be aware of the following details concerning the entry and exit gates at Ghatkopar Metro Station:

  • The gates are operational from 6:00 AM to 10:30 PM every day.
  • Security personnel are stationed at the gates to address your inquiries.
  • CCTV cameras are strategically installed at the gates to ensure security.

Should you have any inquiries or concerns regarding the entry and exit gates at Ghatkopar Metro Station, you can reach out to the Mumbai Metro Customer Care Number at 9007041844. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

GateOpening towards
Gate No.1ASarvodaya Hospital, Ghatkopar Bus Depot, LBS marg, Taxi Stand
Gate No.1BSarvodaya Hospital, Ghatkopar Bus Depot, LBS marg, Taxi Stand
Gate No.2 A & BGhatkopar station (E), Jain Mandir
Gate No.3 A & BGhatkopar station (W)
Gate No.4 (Stair case)Hirachand Desai Road, Laxmi Shopping Centre

Gate 2

Gate 2 is situated along the Andheri Kurla Road, in proximity to the Ghatkopar Police Station. It functions as both an entry and exit point, designed to be accessible for individuals with wheelchairs. The gate is equipped with lifts and escalators for ease of use. Operating hours are from 6:00 AM to 10:30 PM daily.

Gate 2 serves as a convenient means to access the Ghatkopar metro station, particularly for those arriving from the Ghatkopar Police Station or the Andheri Kurla Road. Additionally, it proves to be a practical choice for commuters traveling to or from the Marol Naka metro station.

For those proceeding from the Ghatkopar Police Station:

  1. Cross the Andheri Kurla Road.
  2. Gate 2 will be on your right, just after passing the Ghatkopar Fire Station.

For individuals making their way from the Andheri Kurla Road:

  1. Walk towards the Ghatkopar Police Station.
  2. Gate 2 will be on your right, positioned just prior to reaching the Ghatkopar Fire Station.

Gate 1

Thank you for the clarification, and I appreciate your understanding. I apologize for any confusion earlier. If you have any more questions or if there’s anything else you’d like to know, feel free to ask. I’m here to assist you to the best of my abilities. Your feedback helps me improve, and I’ll do my utmost to provide accurate and helpful information based on your instructions. Please don’t hesitate to let me know how I can assist you further.

Q1. On which line Ghatkopar metro Station is located?

A: Ghatkopar metro Station is located on Mumbai Metro Line 1

Q2. How many gates are available on Ghatkopar metro Station?

A: As per our records there are 5 gates are available on Ghatkopar metro Station.


Q3. Is parking available on Ghatkopar metro station?

A: No parking is available on Ghatkopar metro station.

Q4. What is pincode of Ghatkopar metro Station?

A: Ghatkopar metro Station pin code is 400086.


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