KolkataKolkata Metro Services: A Brief Disruption Resolved



In a bustling metropolis like Kolkata, the efficient operation of the metro system is essential for countless commuters. However, on a recent Friday, Kolkata Metro services faced a temporary disruption that left passengers wondering about the status of the North-South Metro Corridor. We delve into the details of this brief interruption, the reasons behind it, and the swift resolution that brought relief to the city’s transit system.

Kolkata Metro Services Hit a Snag

Mechanical Glitch Derails Operations

On that fateful Friday, Kolkata Metro services came to a grinding halt due to an unexpected mechanical problem. The glitch was substantial enough to bring operations along the entire North-South Metro Corridor to a standstill, causing significant inconvenience to countless passengers.

The disruption occurred on Friday morning, around 8 am, at the Kalighat Metro station. Services on the North-South Line were severely impacted, and the disruption persisted for over three long hours. During this trying period, trains were forced to operate in a single line between Dum Dum and Tollygunge stations, further adding to the commuters’ frustration and travel woes.

Partial Services Operate

During this disruption, the metro was only partially operational, with services running from Kabi Subhash to Dakshineswar. While this partial service helped to alleviate some of the commuting woes, a substantial portion of the corridor remained inactive.

Commuters faced a tough time as they were compelled to endure long hours of waiting at the stations. Many individuals had no choice but to seek alternative modes of transportation to reach their intended destinations. It was indeed a trying and inconvenient day for those relying on the Kolkata Metro for their daily commute.

KolkataKolkata Metro Services: A Brief Disruption Resolved

A Closer Look at the Issue

Mechanical Problems Near Park Street and Esplanade

The core of the issue centered between the Park Street and Esplanade stations, where the mechanical problems initially surfaced. As a result, metro services from Maidan to Girish Park were temporarily suspended. Metro authorities reported that the snag had occurred due to a technical fault in the power supply system.

Thankfully, after concerted efforts, the issue was rectified, and services were restored at approximately 11:30 am. This timely resolution brought relief to the commuters who had been grappling with the disruption for several hours.


Lack of Official Statement

One perplexing aspect of this disruption was the absence of an official statement from metro authorities regarding the exact nature of the mechanical problem. Passengers were left in the dark, eagerly seeking information about when their daily commute would return to normal.

In response to the situation, the Metro authorities have issued an apology for the inconvenience caused to commuters. They have also assured the public that they are taking proactive steps to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. This commitment to improving the metro service’s reliability is certainly welcomed by passengers who rely on it for their daily transportation needs.

KolkataKolkata Metro Services: A Brief Disruption Resolved

Resolution and Resumption

Metro Services Spring Back to Life

Fortunately, Kolkata Metro authorities worked diligently to resolve the mechanical issues plaguing the system. After a brief hiatus, metro services were reinstated along the entire North-South Metro Corridor, bringing much-needed relief to commuters.

The brief disruption in Kolkata Metro services serves as a reminder of the imperative need for improved maintenance of the metro system. It highlights the necessity for authorities to take proactive steps to ensure that such incidents do not recur in the future. Commuters depend on the metro as a vital mode of transportation, and reliability is paramount for the smooth functioning of this essential service.

The Timely Restart

The Kolkata Metro Authority announced that the first metro on the Up Line departed from Maidan at 12:06 PM, headed towards Dakshineswar. At the same time, the Down Line saw the resumption of service as the metro left Girish Park at 12:00 PM, en route to Kavi Subhash. This marked the restoration of metro services along both directions, providing commuters with the convenience of regular transportation once again.

KolkataKolkata Metro Services: A Brief Disruption Resolved

Addressing Speculation

Signal Problems or Mechanical Glitch?

Amid the confusion, some quarters speculated that signaling problems might have been the root cause of the disruption. However, this speculation was eventually dispelled as the metro service swiftly returned to normal. The rapid resumption of services helped to alleviate concerns and uncertainty surrounding the incident’s cause, allowing commuters to regain confidence in the system’s reliability.

The Need for Clarity

It’s worth noting that no official announcement was made by metro authorities regarding the matter. This lack of transparency left passengers craving more information about the incident and its resolution. The absence of clear communication from the authorities added to the uncertainty and frustration experienced by commuters during the disruption.

KolkataKolkata Metro Services: A Brief Disruption Resolved

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What caused the disruption in Kolkata Metro services?

The disruption was caused by a mechanical problem in the vicinity of Park Street and Esplanade stations.

Which part of the North-South Metro Corridor was affected?

Initially, the entire corridor from Kabi Subhash to Dakshineswar experienced disruptions.

Were any official statements issued by Kolkata Metro authorities?

Surprisingly, no official statements were released, leaving passengers in the dark about the situation.

How long did the disruption last?

The disruption was brief, with metro services resuming relatively quickly.

Was signaling a factor in this incident?

While there were speculations about signaling problems, they were later debunked.

What were the operating hours when metro services resumed?

The first metro on the Up Line left Maidan at 12:06 PM, while the Down Line resumed at 12:00 PM from Girish Park.


In the vibrant city of Kolkata, efficient metro services are the lifeblood of daily commuting. The recent disruption caused by a mechanical glitch near Park Street and Esplanade stations temporarily threw the system into disarray. However, Kolkata Metro authorities swiftly addressed the issue, allowing commuters to breathe a sigh of relief as normal services resumed along the North-South Metro Corridor.


While some questions remain unanswered, the city can once again rely on its beloved metro system to navigate its bustling streets. The incident serves as a reminder of the metro’s crucial role in Kolkata’s transportation network and the need for continuous efforts to ensure its smooth operation.



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