Kolkata Metro Railway Rakes to Get a Stunning Makeover by 2026


Kolkata Metro (KMRC)


Kolkata Metro Railway, the lifeline of the bustling city of Kolkata, is all set for a remarkable transformation by the year 2026. The authorities have laid out ambitious plans to introduce a fleet of new air-conditioned (AC) rakes, manufactured at Integral Coach Factory in Chennai. This overhaul promises an array of state-of-the-art features and improved facilities for commuters, truly elevating the metro experience.

Aesthetic Marvel

The new AC fleet is not just about functionality; it’s a work of art inspired by Bengal’s bridal and terracotta artwork. The rakes will boast a sleek nose cone design, beautifully showcasing local art and crafts. Additionally, every coach will be equipped with USB mobile phone charging ports on both sides, a nod to the tech-savvy commuters of Kolkata.

Commuter Convenience

To optimize space, a unique provision will be made for standing seats in one corner of each coach, benefiting passengers on crowded routes, especially the airport-bound commuters on the ongoing airport line. These seats will also come with luggage storage space beneath them, enhancing convenience for travelers.

Kolkata Metro
Kolkata Metro New Look

Safety First

Safety is a top priority for the Kolkata Metro authorities. The new rakes will feature anti-skid flooring and fire extinguishers, ensuring a secure journey. Passengers will find grab handles and handle loops within easy reach, further enhancing safety during transit.

In case of emergencies, commuters can now directly interact with the motorman through the ‘Talk to Driver Unit.’ Additionally, strategically placed CCTV cameras inside every coach will provide real-time monitoring, ensuring the utmost vigilance for passenger safety.

Rush Hour Solutions

During peak hours, when the metro experiences a surge in commuters, improved roof grab handles will be introduced. This thoughtful addition aims to prevent passengers from standing in the vestibules. Furthermore, special digital display boards will be installed inside the rakes, offering passengers access to informative and entertaining content during their journey.

Kolkata Metro

Creating Ambiance

To create a warm and inviting ambiance inside the coaches, special cove lighting will be arranged. Even the doors will be revamped with guardrails and grab poles above the benches, allowing passengers unobstructed entry and exit. These ergonomic enhancements are designed to improve the overall metro experience.


Meeting Aspirations

This extensive makeover of the Kolkata Metro Railway takes into account the evolving needs and aspirations of the city’s commuters. According to the city metro authorities, this transformation is a reflection of their commitment to providing a world-class transportation system.

High-Level Inspection

The General Manager of Kolkata Metro Railway, Mr. P Uday Kumar Reddy, recently paid a visit to the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai. During his visit, he held a high-level meeting with Mr. B.G. Mallya, the GM of ICF, and inspected the coaches currently under production.

Kolkata Metro

The Road Ahead

The eagerly anticipated new rakes are scheduled to be integrated into the Metro’s fleet by 2026. Kolkata Metro Railway authorities plan to introduce a total of 85 new rakes in phases, significantly increasing the fleet size from the current 46 to 131. To support this massive procurement, the Railway Ministry has sanctioned a budget of Rs 6,000 crores.

1.When will the new rakes be introduced?

The new rakes are expected to join the Kolkata Metro Railway fleet by 2026.

2. How many new rakes will be inducted?

The authorities plan to introduce a total of 85 new rakes in phases.

3. What inspired the design of the new rakes?

The design of the new rakes is inspired by Bengal’s bridal and terracotta artwork.

4. What safety features will be included in the new rakes?

The new rakes will feature anti-skid flooring, fire extinguishers, grab handles, handle loops, CCTV cameras, and a ‘Talk to Driver Unit’ for passenger safety.


5. How will the new rakes improve the metro experience during rush hours?

Improved roof grab handles and digital display boards will enhance the comfort and convenience of passengers during peak hours.

6. How is the Railway Ministry supporting this transformation?

The Railway Ministry has sanctioned Rs 6,000 crores for the procurement of the new rakes, enabling this significant upgrade.

Kolkata Metro


The Kolkata Metro Railway’s upcoming transformation promises a brighter and safer future for commuters. With artistic aesthetics, advanced features, and enhanced safety measures, the new AC rakes are poised to elevate the metro experience to a whole new level. As the city evolves, so does its lifeline—the Kolkata Metro Railway.


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