Kolkata Underwater Metro: Revolutionizing Urban Transportation in India



Welcome to a city where dreams are built, and innovation knows no bounds. Kolkata, the cultural capital of India, is now making waves in the realm of urban transportation with its groundbreaking project – the Kolkata Underwater Metro. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of this engineering marvel, exploring its history, construction process, benefits, and the impact it has on the daily lives of Kolkatans. So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare to dive into the depths of the Kolkata Underwater Metro!

Kolkata Underwater Metro: A Glimpse into the Future

The Kolkata Underwater Metro is a visionary project aimed at transforming the way people commute in the city. With its unique design and innovative engineering, this metro system is set to redefine urban transportation in India. The project involves the construction of tunnels that run beneath the Hooghly River, connecting the twin cities of Kolkata and Howrah.

History of the Kolkata Underwater Metro

The idea of an underwater metro in Kolkata dates back to the 1980s when the Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Limited (KMRCL) proposed the concept. The project faced numerous challenges, including technical complexities, environmental concerns, and logistical issues. However, after years of meticulous planning and relentless efforts, the first phase of the Kolkata Underwater Metro finally became operational in 2022.

Kolkata Underwater Metro

Construction Process: Turning Vision into Reality

The construction of the Kolkata Underwater Metro was an engineering feat that required extraordinary skill, precision, and expertise. The process involved several stages, each demanding careful planning and execution. Let’s take a closer look at the key steps involved:

  1. Feasibility Studies: Extensive studies were conducted to assess the viability and environmental impact of the project. Engineers and environmental experts worked together to ensure the sustainability of the underwater metro.
  2. Tunnel Boring: To construct the underwater tunnels, tunnel boring machines (TBMs) were employed. These colossal machines excavated the soil and created tunnels with remarkable precision.
  3. Waterproofing and Reinforcement: As the tunnels were constructed beneath the riverbed, special attention was given to waterproofing and reinforcement. Advanced techniques and materials were used to ensure the safety and durability of the tunnels.
  4. Electrification and Connectivity: The underwater metro is powered by electricity, and meticulous wiring and connectivity were established to ensure seamless operation. Advanced signaling and control systems were also integrated to enhance safety and efficiency.
Kolkata Underwater Metro

Benefits of the Kolkata Underwater Metro

The Kolkata Underwater Metro brings forth a multitude of benefits, revolutionizing the urban transportation landscape in the city. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Reduced Travel Time: With the underwater metro, commuters can travel between Kolkata and Howrah in a fraction of the time compared to conventional modes of transportation. This saves valuable hours and enhances productivity.
  2. Environmentally Friendly: The underwater metro is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional transportation systems. By encouraging public transportation, it helps reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, making Kolkata a greener and more sustainable city.
  3. Improved Connectivity: The underwater metro seamlessly connects Kolkata and Howrah, bridging the gap between the two cities. It provides a convenient mode of transport for commuters, enabling them to traverse the Hooghly River swiftly.
  4. Boost to Economic Growth: The Kolkata Underwater Metro has a positive impact on the city’s economy. It stimulates commercial activities, enhances accessibility to business districts, and attracts investments, leading to overall economic growth and development.

Kolkata Underwater Metro: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: How deep is the Kolkata Underwater Metro tunnel?
    • The underwater metro tunnel in Kolkata is approximately 30 meters deep below the riverbed.
  2. Q: How long is the Kolkata Underwater Metro tunnel?
    • The length of the underwater tunnel is approximately 520 meters, spanning across the Hooghly River.
  3. Q: How many stations are there in the Kolkata Underwater Metro?
    • The first phase of the underwater metro project comprises two stations: one in Kolkata and the other in Howrah.
  4. Q: How many trains operate in the Kolkata Underwater Metro?
    • Currently, there are four trains operational in the underwater metro system, providing efficient and frequent services to commuters.
  5. Q: What is the expected ridership of the Kolkata Underwater Metro?
    • The Kolkata Underwater Metro is anticipated to cater to a substantial number of passengers daily, with an estimated ridership of over 50,000.
  6. Q: Are there any expansion plans for the Kolkata Underwater Metro?
    • Yes, the Kolkata Underwater Metro is a phased project, and future expansion plans include the addition of more stations and an extended network.


The Kolkata Underwater Metro is a shining example of India’s prowess in engineering and innovation. It has transformed the way people travel, fostering connectivity, reducing travel time, and promoting sustainable transportation practices. As this remarkable project continues to evolve and expand, it will undoubtedly shape the future of urban transportation not only in Kolkata but also across the nation.

So, hop aboard the Kolkata Underwater Metro, and embark on a journey that combines engineering brilliance, urban connectivity, and the spirit of progress!


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