10 Basic Metro Rules Help You For Safe and Comfortable Travel


Metros are like big trains that help people go from one place to another easily and quickly. To make sure everyone stays safe and happy during the journey, we need to remember some simple and easy rules. Here are 10 important metro rules to follow when using the metro:

Why Metro Rules are Important?

10 Basic Metro Rules

Metro stations are like very busy centers where lots of people come and go every day. If there were no proper rules, it could become chaotic and unsafe, causing accidents and making it hard for everyone to use the metro. But when passengers follow these metro rules, the metro system works smoothly and efficiently. This helps everyone have a good and safe experience while traveling.

Keep It Clean

Throw your trash in the special bins at the metro station. Don’t leave garbage on the floor or seats. When we use the bins, the station stays clean and nice for everyone. It stops bad smells and messes that can bother people.

Taking care of the station helps the staff keep things running smoothly. It also shows respect for other passengers, making their trip better too. So, remember the metro rules: Use the bins for trash and keep the metro station clean and friendly for everyone!

Don’t Put Your Feet on the Seats

Putting your feet on the seats is disrespectful to other passengers because it shows that you don’t care about their comfort or cleanliness. The seats are for sitting, not for putting your feet on.

Putting your feet on the seats can also be dangerous. If the train is crowded, someone could trip over your feet and get hurt. Additionally, if your feet are dirty, you could track dirt and germs onto the seats, which could make other passengers sick.


No Running

When you’re at the metro station, it’s important not to run or go really fast. Running can cause accidents because the floor might be slippery or crowded, and you could bump into others or trip and get hurt. So, let’s be careful and walk slowly and steadily instead, to keep ourselves and others safe.

The metro station can be a busy place with many people moving around. That’s why we have a metro rules not to run. If we all walk calmly and look out for each other, accidents can be prevented, and everyone can have a pleasant and safe time at the station. So, let’s remember, no running, just take it easy and be mindful of our steps!

Mind the Gap

10 Basic Metro Rules

A common warning you’ll hear at metro stations is “mind the gap.” This means you need to be careful about the space between the platform and the train doors. Pay attention to this warning to avoid tripping or getting your things stuck.

Don’t Smoke or Eat

Smoking and eating on the platform or train can be a safety hazard because it can cause fires. If you drop a cigarette or food, it could start a fire that could spread quickly and cause serious injuries.

Smoking and eating on the platform or train can be unpleasant for other passengers because it can make the air smell bad. Additionally, if you smoke, you could be exposing other passengers to secondhand smoke, which can be harmful to their health.

Use Trash Bins

Whenever you have trash, like wrappers or papers, don’t throw it on the ground. Instead, use the special bins made for trash. These bins are placed all around the station to make it easy for us to keep our station clean and tidy.


Keeping the station clean is essential for everyone’s comfort. So, let’s do our part and use the trash bins. It’s simple and makes our station a nicer place for everyone to enjoy!

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Keep Your Voice Down

Talking loudly on the phone or having a loud conversation can be disruptive to other passengers because it can make it difficult for them to hear themselves think or to have a conversation with someone else. Additionally, if you’re talking about something private, you could be invading the privacy of other passengers.

Talking loudly on the phone or having a loud conversation can also be impolite to other passengers because it shows that you don’t care about their comfort or peace of mind. The metro is a public space, and everyone has a right to enjoy it in peace.

Listening to Announcements

10 Basic Metro Rules

When you’re on the train or waiting at the station, make sure to listen carefully to the announcements. They tell us important things like if the train is running late, if there are any changes in the service, or if there’s an emergency.

Announcements help us stay informed and safe. So, remember to keep an ear out for them while traveling on the train or waiting at the station!

Be respectful of Metro Employees

Metro employees are there to help you. They are responsible for the safety and security of the metro system, and they are there to answer your questions and help you with any problems you may have.


Being respectful of metro employees means being polite and cooperative. This means using please and thank you, listening to their instructions, and following their directions.

It is also important to be patient with metro employees. They may be busy or under pressure, so it is important to be understanding and give them the time they need to help you.

Don’t Block the Doors

Blocking the doors can be dangerous. If you block the doors, people who are trying to get off the train may not be able to do so safely. This could lead to injuries or even worse.

Blocking the doors can be inconvenient for other passengers. If you block the doors, other passengers may not be able to board the train or get off the train when they need to. This can cause delays and inconvenience for everyone.


Follow these ten basic metro rules for a smooth and safe journey on public transportation. Plan your route ahead, be considerate to others, and keep your belongings safe. Public transport is a fantastic way to explore or commute efficiently, and following these rules makes it even better!

Is it safe to travel on the metro at night?

Metro systems often run safely at late hours, but it’s vital to be careful and alert, especially in less crowded places.


Can I use my contactless payment card for metro fares?

Some metros accept contactless cards for fares. See if your card works, or get a travel card at the station.

What should I do if I lose an item on the metro?

If you lose something on the metro, contact the lost and found department right away. Tell them what you lost and where you think you lost it. They’ll try to help you find it!

Are there special Facilities for passengers with disabilities?

Yes, many metro stations have special facilities to help passengers with disabilities. They have things like elevators and ramps to make it easier for them to use the metro.

Is it necessary to purchase a ticket before entering the metro station?


Yes, it is essential to have a valid ticket or pass before entering the metro station.


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