Peeling Oranges Under the Ganges: Kolkata’s Metro Innovative Project


Kolkata’s Metro , (Kmrc)

In an astonishing feat of engineering and urban development, Bibadi Bagh, affectionately known as Esplanade, now stands merely 10 minutes away from the bustling Howrah station. The Kolkata Metro has embarked on an unprecedented journey, promising swift and convenient transportation that will revolutionize the city’s connectivity. As winter approaches, Kolkata eagerly anticipates crossing the Ganges River through a tunnel, creating a sensational new chapter in its history.

Pioneering Metro Crossing Under a Major River

The Kolkata Metro’s ambitious project is a landmark achievement. It is the very first metro system in India to traverse beneath a major river. The significance of this endeavor cannot be understated. To ensure the utmost safety and reliability, rigorous security measures have been put in place at every stage of this groundbreaking development.

Current Progress: Trial Run Underway

Kolkata’s Metro As the metro engineers work tirelessly to bring this vision to life, the trial run is already in progress. The Kolkata Metro Rail Authority is leaving no stone unturned to uphold passenger safety as their foremost priority. This unwavering commitment to safety sets the stage for a remarkable transit experience.

Kolkata's Metro
Kolkata’s Metro

Swift Connectivity: The Future Unveiled

Kolkata’s Metro The eagerly anticipated metro service is poised to set new benchmarks in efficiency. Initially, two rakes will operate in both directions throughout the day, ensuring round-the-clock service. Passengers will be delighted to know that the journey from start to finish will take a mere 12 minutes, with three strategically located stations along the route.

Kolkata’s Metro Preparing the Path: Boubazar Tunnel Development

Kolkata’s Metro In the journey towards completing this groundbreaking metro project, there remain a few finishing touches in the Boubazar tunnel. These last details must be attended to before the groundbreaking ground freezing work commences. The intricate process of ground freezing will take approximately 6-8 months to complete, laying the foundation for the next phase—house construction. It is estimated that the construction of 26 houses will require roughly one and a half years to reach completion.

Looking Ahead: Boubazar Underground Metro Trial Run

Kolkata’s Metro The excitement continues to mount as we peer into the future. The trial run of the underground metro in Boubazar is slated to commence in the middle of the upcoming year. As the pieces of this remarkable puzzle fall into place, the anticipation and wonder surrounding this transformative project only grow.

Kolkata's Metro
Kolkata’s Metro

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is the Kolkata Metro’s river crossing project unique in India?

Indeed, it is! Kolkata Metro’s project is the first of its kind in the country, involving a metro line passing beneath a major river.


2. How long will the entire metro journey take from start to finish?

The entire journey will take just 12 minutes, making it an incredibly efficient means of transportation.

3. How many stations will be there along the metro route?

There will be three strategically located stations, ensuring convenient access for passengers.

4. What is the timeline for ground freezing work in the Boubazar tunnel?

Ground freezing is expected to take 6-8 months to complete before house construction can commence.

5. When can we expect the trial run of the underground metro in Boubazar to begin?

The trial run is scheduled to start in the middle of the upcoming year, bringing us one step closer to the grand inauguration.

6. What safety measures are being implemented during the project?

Stringent security measures are in place at every stage of the project to guarantee the safety of passengers and workers.

In Conclusion

The Kolkata Metro’s groundbreaking project, traversing under the Ganges River, represents a remarkable milestone in the city’s history. With unwavering commitment to passenger safety, efficient transit times, and meticulous planning, Kolkata is on the cusp of a transformative era in urban transportation. As the trial run in Boubazar beckons, we eagerly await the day when the city will peel oranges on the other side of the Ganges, symbolizing the sweet success of this visionary endeavor.


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