Metro Magic: Affordable Commutes and Student Discounts


Student Discounts(Kmrc)

Ticket Concession : In the bustling city of Kolkata, where every minute counts, the metro has emerged as a savior for daily commuters. With an ever-expanding network of routes, the Kolkata Metro has become the lifeline for thousands of residents traveling from the city to its suburbs. This article explores the fascinating world of the Kolkata Metro, its increasing popularity, and the incredible discounts available to students.

Riding the Metro Wave

The Kolkata Metro, often hailed as the heartbeat of the city, is on a relentless expansion spree. New routes are being added, and the existing ones are being extended to cater to the growing demand. With this extensive network, reaching your destination has never been easier.

Escaping Traffic Woes

One of the biggest advantages of choosing the metro is escaping the notorious traffic congestion that plagues Kolkata. In a city where every road seems to be in a perpetual traffic jam, the metro provides a swift and reliable alternative, ensuring you reach your destination in no time.

Student Discounts: A Boon for Education

The Metro’s Generosity

In a heartwarming gesture, the Kolkata Metro Authority has extended its generosity to the student community. Since 2009, students have had the privilege of enjoying discounted fares on metro rail tickets. This initiative aims to ease the financial burden on students commuting to schools and colleges.

Student Discounts Metro Rail
Student Discounts Metro Rail

Who Qualifies?

Female students up to class 12 are eligible for this concession, and it doesn’t stop there. ITI (Industrial Training Institute) students also fall under the purview of this benevolent scheme. To date, this concession has touched the lives of thousands of students across Kolkata.

Expanding Horizons

The reach of this student concession isn’t limited to a handful of institutions. If any educational establishment wishes to avail of this facility, they can do so by adhering to the prescribed guidelines. As long as the institution and its students meet the eligibility criteria, they too can enjoy the benefits of reduced metro fares.


The Application Process

To kickstart the process, a concession book should be acquired from the Metro authorities. This book contains all the necessary forms and guidelines. The school or institute should then distribute these forms among their eligible students. Once the forms are duly filled and signed by the school authorities, the students can proceed to the metro station.

The Smart Card Solution

Upon reaching the station, the students need to present their completed forms to the station master. After verification, they will be issued a smart card specially designed for this concession. This card is the golden ticket that grants access to discounted fares on the metro.

Student Discounts Metro Rail
Student Discounts Metro Rail

Recent Stats

As of April 2022, a total of 79 concession books have been distributed to 64 schools and ITIs. These books have facilitated the issuance of 2509 new student smart cards as of February 2023. Notably, two types of smart cards are available, one allowing 40 trips and the other allowing 80 trips.

Official Announcement

This comprehensive report is based on an official notification found on the Kolkata Metro Rail website. The Chief Public Relations Officer of Metro Railway, Mr. Kaushik Mitra, released a notification in March 2024, which has been uploaded to the Metro website. This article draws its information from this authentic source, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

1. How long has the student concession on Kolkata Metro been in place?

The student concession on the Kolkata Metro has been available since 2009, providing affordable commuting options for students.

2. Who qualifies for the student concession?

Female students up to class 12 and ITI students are eligible for the Kolkata Metro student concession.

3. Can other educational institutions apply for this concession?

Yes, other educational institutions can apply for the concession by following the prescribed guidelines and ensuring their students meet the eligibility criteria.


4. How can students apply for the concession?

Students can apply for the concession by obtaining a concession book from the Metro authorities, filling out the required forms, and presenting them to the station master along with the school’s authorization.

5. What types of smart cards are available for students?

Students have the option to choose between two types of smart cards: one for 40 trips and another for 80 trips.

6. Where can I verify the information in this article?

You can find the official notification and details about the Kolkata Metro student concession on the Kolkata Metro Rail website.


The Kolkata Metro has truly transformed the daily commute for residents of the city. Its extensive network, coupled with the generous student concession, has made it an indispensable part of Kolkata’s lifestyle. As more students and educational institutions embrace this initiative, the metro continues to be a symbol of affordable, efficient, and sustainable transportation in Kolkata. So hop on board and enjoy the Metro Magic!


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