How and from where do new girls enter Sonagachi, West Bengal?


I was reading an interview of a prostitute in Sonagachi, West Bengal, India— which is the top most prostitution area in south Asia. I don’t know what to do. I was shocked. There are seven to 13 year old girls who are transported from Bangladesh to this place with a fake commitment that they are taken to live a good life like other people and will be married to a handsome groom to live their whole life happily.

She said that she reached Sonagachi when she was mere 11 years old. She was bought at a rate of 120 Rs from her guardians and was going to be served to someone like a chicken in market. When she got to know about that she tried to run away from that place but there was no way out. By any means she came out from the lodge and she saw a policeman to whom she asked for help. The policeman promised to help her and took her with him. He gangraped her with 3 of his friends. And now she is in that vicious circle.

Poverty and insecurity and the criminals who are policemen nowadays have created such a place in this lovely earth which has crossed all boundaries of harassment. Injustice in the land of Sonagachi is known across the world. But nobody is going to take definite measures.

Yet there are some Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) which are working to stop this human trafficking. But the question is: what has happened to West Bengal administration? It’s hard to say that an air of justice will flow across Sonagachi area.

Making rules is easy as compared to implementing them. Government has made certain rules in woman protection but what about the implementation? The dark side of the world is still alive in modern India, and still we have no plan or idea to eliminate this curse from the head of those girls. We can’t even ban it as on one side we have no job for literate and talented intellectuals in the society nowadays. So what we can do for those 13,000 sex workers across that village? What job we can generate for them? And which place can we secure for them in this modern society? Poverty and population explosion are also two of the main causes of such sins.

The government must implement strict rules to control the population of India. But it still needs majority to pass such a bill in Parliament and our Parliament itself is polluted by certain antisocial elements who will never allow such change.

There will be day in Indian History when this Constitution will be changed. Because it needs a tonne of amendment and conversion in the growing India.


There was a time of kings in India. Nobody had thought that the Rajputs will be replaced by the Sultans. And the Sultanas had never thought that the British Empire will come in its place. Also the British Government had never thought that a Democratic India will come into existence. Today also these political leaders are not thinking but a new India is growing day by day and the day will come which will break all previous chains and lay the foundation of a new society with new laws, new customs and new norms. And there will be a day when the goddess of justice will swim across India. And there will be a day.


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