Versova Metro Station : Details, Time table, Fare chart, Route Map


The Versova Ghatkopar Metro Route in Mumbai stands out as one of the city’s most renowned transit paths. Often referred to as the Mumbai Metro Line 1 or the Blue Line, this route holds significant popularity. The journey initiates from Versova, a picturesque coastal suburb situated to the west, and concludes at Ghatkopar in the eastern region of the city. This extensive line encompasses a total of 11 stations, making it one of the lengthiest routes within the Mumbai Metro network. Having made its debut on June 8, 2014, the Mumbai Metro Line 1 holds the distinction of being the city’s inaugural metro line to become operational. Since its inauguration, it has garnered substantial favor among both the local residents and those visiting Mumbai. This metro line serves as a convenient and widely embraced transportation choice, contributing significantly to the city’s connectivity and ease of travel.

Versova Metro Station

Versova Metro Station Details

Equipped with modern amenities, the Versova Metro Station boasts two entry and exit gates for the convenience of commuters. Lifts and escalators facilitate easy movement between different levels of the station. Passengers can access ticket counters, a spacious waiting area, and well-maintained toilets, ensuring a comfortable travel experience. Moreover, the station is connected by a foot overbridge, allowing seamless transitions for those using the station’s facilities.

The station’s strategic location makes it easily accessible, offering good connectivity to various modes of public transportation. A network of bus stops and taxi stands are conveniently situated in close proximity to the station, further enhancing the options for onward travel. The Versova Metro Station stands as a testament to Mumbai’s commitment to modernizing its public transportation infrastructure and providing residents and visitors with efficient and convenient travel solutions.

Versova Metro Station Details Quick Info:

Station CodeVER
Station NameVersova Metro Station
Station StructureElevated
Opened OnSunday, June 8, 2014
Operated ByMumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC)
Located onMumbai Metro Line 1
No. of Plateforms3
Previous Metro StationVersova Metro Station
Next Metro StationD.N Nagar Metro Station

Versova Metro Station is situated at Seven Bungalows in the Andheri West region of Mumbai, India. Positioned in the eastern suburbs of the city, it is conveniently close to the picturesque Versova Beach. For those relying on public transportation, the nearest bus stop is the Versova Metro Station Bus Stop, providing easy access to and from the station. Additionally, the Versova Metro Station Taxi Stand is in close proximity, offering a readily available mode of transportation.

Traveling by car is also a feasible option to reach Versova Metro Station. The station is conveniently located on the Western Express Highway, close to the Versova Flyover. This accessibility by car further enhances the station’s connectivity, catering to a diverse range of commuters with varying travel preferences. Whether by bus, taxi, or personal vehicle, reaching Versova Metro Station is made straightforward, reflecting Mumbai’s commitment to improving its urban transportation network.

For assistance and inquiries related to Versova Metro Station and the Mumbai Metro system, you can contact the following numbers:

Station Manager: +91 22 2834 6430 Customer Care: +91 22 2834 6400 Security: +91 22 2834 6420


Additionally, the Mumbai Metro customer care can be reached using their toll-free numbers:

For Women, Senior Citizens, Children, and Differently Abled Passengers: 1800 889 0808

For All Commuters: 1800 889 0505

These contact numbers are available to provide information, address queries, and offer assistance to passengers using the Mumbai Metro, ensuring a smooth and convenient travel experience for all.

Quick Info

Location: JP Road, Model Town, Andheri (West), Mumbai
Help Line: +912226384677

Time Table of Versova Metro Station

Weekdays (Monday to Friday):

  • First Metro from Versova: 5:30 AM
  • Last Metro from Versova: 11:20 PM
  • First Metro from Ghatkopar: 5:30 AM
  • Last Metro from Ghatkopar: 11:45 PM

Weekday Train Frequency:

  • Peak Hours: Trains run every 3.5 minutes.
  • Off-Peak Hours: Train frequency gradually increases to every 8 minutes.

Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays:

  • Schedule varies based on commuter footfall.

Please note that the above information provides an overview of the Mumbai Metro’s operating hours and train frequency between Versova and Ghatkopar. However, it’s always a good idea to verify the timings and any potential schedule changes directly with the Mumbai Metro authorities or their official communication channels before planning your journey.

The time table:

SourceDestinationDistanceFirst MetroLast Metro
VersovaD.N Nagar1 KM5:20 AM11:20 PM
VersovaD.N Nagar1 KM5:20 AM11:20 PM
VersovaAzad Nagar1.8 KM5:20 AM11:20 PM
VersovaAndheri3.3 KM5:20 AM11:20 PM
VersovaWestern Express Highway4.2 KM5:20 AM11:20 PM
VersovaChakala (J.B.Nagar)6 KM5:20 AM11:20 PM
VersovaAirport Road6.8 KM5:20 AM11:20 PM
VersovaMarol Naka7.7 KM5:20 AM11:20 PM
VersovaSaki Naka8.8 KM5:20 AM11:20 PM
VersovaAsalpha10 KM5:20 AM11:20 PM
VersovaJagruti Nagar10.85 KM5:20 AM11:20 PM
VersovaGhatkopar12.15 KM5:20 AM11:20 PM

Thank you for providing the specific peak and off-peak hour timings for the Versova Metro Station. This information will be very helpful for commuters planning their travel on the Mumbai Metro. This detailed breakdown will assist passengers in planning their metro journeys more effectively, taking into account the different times when the metro service is more frequent and when it operates at a slower pace.

Fare Chart of Versova Metro Station

Based on the updated information, here’s a summary of the fare structure, concessions, and ticketing options for the Mumbai Metro:

  • Fare Calculation: The fare is calculated based on the distance traveled and is divided into 8 slabs. The minimum fare is Rs. 10 for a distance of up to 3 km, and the maximum fare is Rs. 80 for a distance of more than 42 km. The fare is charged per slab, so the total fare is calculated based on the number of slabs crossed during the journey.
  • Concessions:
    • Senior Citizens (60 years and above) and Children (up to 12 years): Eligible for a 50% concession on the fare.
    • Students (up to 25 years): Eligible for a 25% concession on the fare.
  • Ticket Purchase:
    • Ticket Counters: Tickets can be purchased from the ticket counters located at the station.
    • Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVMs): Tickets can also be obtained from the automatic ticket vending machines installed at the station.
  • Smart Card: A rechargeable smart card is available for commuters, allowing for multiple journeys without the need for individual paper tickets.

This detailed information provides a comprehensive understanding of the fare structure, concessions, and various ticketing options available for passengers using the Mumbai Metro.

Fare Chart Quick Info :

VersovaD.N NagarRs. 101 KM
VersovaD.N NagarRs. 101 KM
VersovaAzad NagarRs. 201.8 KM
VersovaAndheriRs. 203.3 KM
VersovaWestern Express HighwayRs. 204.2 KM
VersovaChakala (J.B.Nagar)Rs. 306 KM
VersovaAirport RoadRs. 306.8 KM
VersovaMarol NakaRs. 307.7 KM
VersovaSaki NakaRs. 308.8 KM
VersovaAsalphaRs. 4010 KM
VersovaJagruti NagarRs. 4010.85 KM
VersovaGhatkoparRs. 4012.15 KM

Absolutely, you’ve highlighted several significant advantages of using smart cards for metro travel:

  • Convenience: Smart cards offer a higher level of convenience as compared to traditional tickets. The hassle of standing in line to purchase tickets before each journey is eliminated. With a smart card, you can simply tap it on the reader at the entry and exit gates, allowing for smoother and quicker access to the metro.
  • Time Saving: Using a smart card saves you valuable time, especially during rush hours. There’s no need to search for cash or deal with card transactions – just a quick tap of the card and you’re good to go, making the process efficient and seamless.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Smart cards can be a cost-effective option, particularly for frequent travelers. The ability to receive discounts on fares when using a smart card can lead to savings over time, making it a financially prudent choice.
  • Travel Tracking: Smart cards provide the advantage of tracking your travel history. This feature allows you to monitor how many times you’ve traveled, your overall expenditure on metro fares, and the specific stations you’ve visited. It provides a convenient way to manage your travel expenses.
  • Security: Smart cards are inherently more secure than traditional tickets. Since your travel history and fare information are stored directly on the card, you’re less likely to lose or misplace your travel documentation. This added layer of security is beneficial for both commuters and the metro system.

In essence, smart cards offer a range of benefits that enhance the overall metro travel experience, making it more convenient, time-efficient, cost-effective, and secure for passengers.


Here are some of the steps on how to buy a Versova Metro smartcard:

  1. Visit the customer care center at any Versova Metro station.
  2. Fill out the smart card application form and submit it along with a passport-size photograph and a security deposit of Rs. 50.
  3. The smart card will be issued to you within a few days.
  4. You can recharge your smart card at any Versova Metro station or at authorized outlets.

I hope this helps!

Route Map of Versova Metro Station

The Versova line is a significant metro line in Mumbai, India, serving as a part of the Mumbai Metro 1 system, also known as the Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar Line. This line marks the inception of the Mumbai Metro network.

Key points about the Versova line include:

  • Length and Stations: The Versova line stretches over 11.40 km (7.08 mi) and features 12 stations, connecting Versova to Ghatkopar.
  • Elevated Route: The entire line is constructed as an elevated track, running parallel to the Western Express Highway. This elevated design minimizes the impact on existing infrastructure and offers a smoother commuting experience.
  • Inauguration: The Versova line was inaugurated in the year 2014, representing a significant milestone in Mumbai’s efforts to enhance its public transportation system.
  • Operator: The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) oversees the operations of the Versova line, ensuring efficient and reliable metro services.
  • Busiest Line: Presently, the Versova line stands as the busiest route within the Mumbai Metro network, reflecting its popularity and the substantial number of commuters it serves.
  • Suburb Connectivity: One of the line’s main roles is to bridge the gap between the eastern and western suburbs of Mumbai, promoting smoother and quicker travel between these areas.

The Versova line serves as a fundamental artery in Mumbai’s public transportation network, enhancing connectivity, easing congestion, and facilitating more efficient travel across the city’s diverse neighborhoods.

Here are the stations on the Versova line:

  1. Versova
  2. DN Nagar
  3. Airport Road
  4. Marol Naka
  5. Saki Naka
  6. Chembur
  7. Kanjur Marg
  8. Ghatkopar
  9. Ghatkopar (East)
  10. Vikhroli
  11. MIDC
  12. Ghatkopar (West)

Route Map:

Route Map
Route Map

Entry/Exit Gates on Versova Metro Station Metro

Certainly, here’s a comprehensive overview of the entry and exit gates at Versova Metro Station, along with additional important information:

Gate 1: This is the primary entry and exit gate, positioned on the east side of the station, near the Versova Flyover. However, due to its high footfall, it’s recommended to consider using Gate 2 if possible to avoid crowds.Gate 2: This entrance and exit gate is situated on the west side of the station, near the Seven Bungalows area. This gate is a more convenient option for those with disabilities, as it is accessible for everyone.


Additional Details:

Gate Timings: The entry and exit gates are operational from 5:30 AM to 11:00 PM every day of the week.Gate Status: Be aware that gates might be temporarily closed for maintenance or other reasons. For real-time information about gate status, you can refer to the Mumbai Metro’s official website or app.Luggage Consideration: If you are carrying luggage, it is recommended to use the lifts or escalators to reach the platforms. This ensures a smoother journey and ease of movement.Assistance: If you have any queries or require assistance, don’t hesitate to ask a station employee. They are available to help passengers and ensure a comfortable travel experience.

By adhering to these guidelines and making use of the detailed information about entry and exit gates, passengers can navigate Versova Metro Station with greater ease and convenience.

Entry/Exit Gates

GateOpening towards
Gate No.1Seven Bunglows bus stop, Mall
Gate No.2Seven Bunglows

Gate No.1

Gate No.2

  • Location: Gate 2 serves as a less crowded entry and exit point of Versova Metro Station. It is situated on the west side of the station, near the Seven Bungalows area.
  • Accessibility: Gate 2 is designed to be accessible for people with disabilities, ensuring that all passengers can easily use this entrance.
  • Operating Hours: Similar to other gates, Gate 2 operates from 5:30 AM to 11:00 PM, seven days a week.
  • Gate Status: As with any entry or exit gate, Gate 2 might experience closures due to maintenance or other reasons. To obtain the latest information about the status of Gate 2, you can refer to the Mumbai Metro’s official website or app.
  • Accessibility Features: The gate is equipped with lifts and escalators, providing a convenient way to access the platforms for all passengers.
  • Facilities: Gate 2 also features ticket counters and customer care centers, offering necessary services and assistance to commuters.
  • Inquiries and Assistance: If you have any questions or require assistance, station employees are available to provide help and guidance.

Benefits of Using Gate 2:

  • Less Crowded: Gate 2 is generally less crowded compared to Gate 1, offering a more comfortable entry and exit experience.
  • Accessibility: This gate’s accessibility is advantageous for people with disabilities, ensuring equitable access for all passengers.
  • Lifts and Escalators: The presence of lifts and escalators at Gate 2 adds to the convenience of accessing the platforms.
  • Facilities: Just like other gates, Gate 2 also hosts ticket counters and customer care centers, providing essential services.

By utilizing Gate 2 and benefiting from the provided information, passengers can enjoy a smoother, less crowded, and more accessible entry and exit experience at Versova Metro Station.

Versova Metro
Versova Metro

Q1. On which line Versova metro Station is located?

A: Versova metro Station is located on Mumbai Metro Line 1

Q2. How many gates are available on Versova metro Station?

A: As per our records there are 7 gates are available on Versova metro Station.


Q3. Is parking available on Versova metro station?

A: Yes, parking is available on Versova metro station.

Q4. What is pincode of Versova metro Station?

A: Versova metro Station pin code is 400047.


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